CONSTRUCT is managed by an elected Council of its members with representatives from all categories
CONSTRUCT’S members purchase about 30% of all ready-mixed concrete produced in the UK

How We Work

Our remit is broad and we are able to reach out and influence all aspects of the concrete frame industry.

Our ambitions are CLEAR:

CONTINUE our alliance with The Concrete Society, The Concrete Centre, BAR, BRE, clients, designers and stakeholders in the advancement, innovation and promotion of the use of structural concrete.

LEAD the development of world class training provision for our members to create value and efficiency through our combined buying power and smarter data collection.

ENROL our clients, designers and stakeholders in working with us to create incident, and injury-free workplaces.

ACTIVELY engage with clients, designers and stakeholders to allow a better understanding of the value proposition that our members can bring through fairer trading policies.

RESEARCH and invest both time and energy in working with our supplier members to continuously improve and enhance the products, plant and equipment used in the production of our concrete structures.

Watch our video to understand more about CONSTRUCT and find details of how to become a member here


CONSTRUCT is a member of Build UK, which brings together the common aims for specialist trade organisations within the construction industry and is the authoritative voice of Specialist Contractors in the UK.

Build UK provides a strong collective voice for the contracting supply chain on construction which brings together 27 of the industry’s largest Main Contractors, 40 leading Trade Associations representing over 11,500 Specialist Contractors, as well as 6 clients.

Build UK focuses on key industry issues that can deliver change and enable the contracting supply chain to improve the efficiency and delivery of construction projects to the benefit of the industry and its clients.

Having joined Build UK, CONSTRUCT now plays an active role in the trade body, giving a voice to our members at the highest level.

Leadership Groups are key to Build UK moving forward its initial focus in five key areas: Image of the Industry; Training and Skills; Pre-Qualification; Health and Safety and Fair Payment.

Our contractor members are also encouraged to submit their annual Accident Statistics which form part of the industry-wide specialist contractors’ figures.

Our members also contribute to the quarterly State of the Industry Review. Contractor members are also welcome to accompany CONSTRUCT representatives to the different Build UK Committee meetings. Contact us for more information.